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This poem by my friend Terraburrah, was just too good to not share. I believe that no matter who we meet, we will learn. We either learn what we should do OR shouldn’t do. We learn of our strengths and our weakness. We learn to strengthen or accept  our weakness. We learn to be humble in our Strength cause we know thats not All that we are.

Whenever I overcome my greatest obstacles When my world turns upside down I think of you When you chased me through the halls And pushed my back against the walls My legs got stronger And my back became erect When you shouted in my ears That I would never survive My ears became desensitized And […]

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Verse in Reply

Ah now !

I have words that circle

In circles that aren’t circles.


Thoughts clasp thoughts,

Words bowed together,

Forming but not integrating.


Talk stilled from blowing

Away, what silence knows,

And Keeps in Silence.


While remembering,

Remembers, those

Untimely remembrances.


P.S. This spilled out as I read Louise Bogan’s Words for Departure posted by a dear friend online.

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I am engaged

tracydewPicture Credit : Tracy Marshall.

What has life offered,

Within its changing seasons?

Dew-stone for my ring.


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Old Age

You were annoyed, I looked at you,

But, I wish you would see what I see.

You have aged, I will not deny that

But, I know what you were capable of

Your chin-up disposition,

Never defeated, no matter the fall.

Your knees are swollen but, I know your feet

That never gave up,

I have watched them dig in,

I watched them stand up in tiredness

I have in the same moment, felt

Sighs of sadness and Awed in joy

Of your spirit.

So what if,

The light doesn’t reach your eyes, as it did before,

Or my voice raised a decibel, so you will hear me,

So what if,

You lean on me for a while,

Or rest your weary memories in stories

I am here, just as you were there

When I wasn’t as Tall as I feel Now.

Just Know, some part of me

Sees as you were Then,

And loves, whatever you are Now

As I did Then.

In spite of the hurt and the pain

Some things don’t change,

With the sands that spill the Time.


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Tough to Survive

Ria is here after 10 long years. A lot has changed in her absence. She watched her 6 year old niece climb the sofa and use it like a trampoline. A grandchild always had this freedom in their grand-parent’s home. A freedom that was never granted to Ria as a daughter. She remembered the time when she was caned by her father for climbing on the sofa at a relative’s home. “How times have changed.” She thought and wondered if her displeasure at this sight stemmed from jealousy. “Oh! Grow up!! It’s just a kid jumping on the sofa. Let it go” she chided herself.

She listened to her father narrate the various antics of the little niece. “She is growing up to be a tough Girl. She is really bold. She even knocked down a boy in her class for not letting her sit on the chair. She’s strong enough to survive this environment.” said the grand-father. To Ria, all of what he said looked like a lack of-discipline, boundaries and respect for authority. She held her peace as she watched her brother and sister-in-law look on with pride. She wanted to intervene to stop the child but she knew she didn’t have the right. You lose out on rights that you had as part of the family, when you get married and move away to a different part of the world. You can not feel entitled to intervene, offer advice, say your thoughts, when you are absent from their everyday lives. She sat there with an inane smile. Her tongue neatly folded and pressed behind teeth.  Teeth, akin to Cerberus, guarding an errant tongue with the threat of a vicious bite should it misbehave.

The topic moved on as she listened to the general situation of people in the country. Talking of a situation when they had to get a transfer of title done “There is so much corruption. The BOLD officials accept bribes in full view of policemen. The police get a share. There is no dignity of labour or integrity. They dont do the job cause they are paid salaries but for the extra via bribes. It is the Age of Kali, truly” said the father sagely. The brother and SIL agree with a nod.

Ria smiled inwardly, “I guess, the officials parents  are happy to know their wards are Surviving well in this Environment, given they are BOLD enough.”


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Seeking Acceptance

What is it,

With you

That gives you the right

To mess MY Words

With all your might?

My words are mine alone

Do not take them out of context

Or make them into something

I didn’t Make.


Just because you

Like the sound

Of your own voice

Doesn’t give you

The right to pound

On what I said.

I did not say it for you

I do not represent you

I do not stand for you.

My thoughts, are my own

Mine alone, to do as I please.


Do not presume

To know the meaning

The reasoning

Or undo my seasoning.

You are not ME.

Just as, I am not YOU.

Our experiences are different

As the shades of our skin

As the lengths of our hair,

As the size of our shoe

And the curves of our inseams.


We, you and I

Can only listen

To each other

Validate what we feel,

In the hope of understanding.

We do not own each other

In any name or form

No one made me, ME

Just as no one made you, YOU.

You do your vocation

I do mine,

Neither vocation is wrong

We both live out the systems

That were set

Before our time.


So Listen, Not Hear

Before you judge.

If you chose to understand,

Stay in the Present

Don’t bring the past

Do not question my

Loyalty, Patriotism or Right

Cause by doing so, you show

Your disloyalty and unrighteousness

You disprove your professed ideals

You show your hypocrisy

And that makes me sadder still

Reinforcing the thoughts

I voiced before

The same ones,

You disregarded manifold.


P. S. This was written after I read the Backlash over Amir Khan’s “Opinion” on intolerance in India.  I dont see anything wrong in what he said cause I was able to empathize with his wife’s thoughts…I feared for my children too, as I read the different school shooting incidents in the US and said something similar. Thankfully, no one said I should move back to the country of my origin or asked for proof of Loyalty/Patriotism.

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You know those days,
When you look for reasons.
You wonder,
Why you have issues,
With trust.
Why do people lie?
Why are there words?
And it occurs,
The fault lies not with words
But in the speech of the speaker.
Falsehood begins
In the order and meaning
Of words, in the speaking.
Once bitten twice shy
Mistrust begins with One Lie.

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