Seeking Acceptance

What is it,

With you

That gives you the right

To mess MY Words

With all your might?

My words are mine alone

Do not take them out of context

Or make them into something

I didn’t Make.


Just because you

Like the sound

Of your own voice

Doesn’t give you

The right to pound

On what I said.

I did not say it for you

I do not represent you

I do not stand for you.

My thoughts, are my own

Mine alone, to do as I please.


Do not presume

To know the meaning

The reasoning

Or undo my seasoning.

You are not ME.

Just as, I am not YOU.

Our experiences are different

As the shades of our skin

As the lengths of our hair,

As the size of our shoe

And the curves of our inseams.


We, you and I

Can only listen

To each other

Validate what we feel,

In the hope of understanding.

We do not own each other

In any name or form

No one made me, ME

Just as no one made you, YOU.

You do your vocation

I do mine,

Neither vocation is wrong

We both live out the systems

That were set

Before our time.


So Listen, Not Hear

Before you judge.

If you chose to understand,

Stay in the Present

Don’t bring the past

Do not question my

Loyalty, Patriotism or Right

Cause by doing so, you show

Your disloyalty and unrighteousness

You disprove your professed ideals

You show your hypocrisy

And that makes me sadder still

Reinforcing the thoughts

I voiced before

The same ones,

You disregarded manifold.


P. S. This was written after I read the Backlash over Amir Khan’s “Opinion” on intolerance in India.  I dont see anything wrong in what he said cause I was able to empathize with his wife’s thoughts…I feared for my children too, as I read the different school shooting incidents in the US and said something similar. Thankfully, no one said I should move back to the country of my origin or asked for proof of Loyalty/Patriotism.

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You know those days,
When you look for reasons.
You wonder,
Why you have issues,
With trust.
Why do people lie?
Why are there words?
And it occurs,
The fault lies not with words
But in the speech of the speaker.
Falsehood begins
In the order and meaning
Of words, in the speaking.
Once bitten twice shy
Mistrust begins with One Lie.

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I wonder why,
The room feels empty,
After a fight.
People aplenty
Yet, not in my sight.
The words that spilled,
And those what were held,
Forming a wall
Growing tall
By the minute
Senses astute
The witness whispers –
“It isnt the room
But your heart
That emptied.”

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Haiku – Presence while Absent

Glazed Doughnut Eyes, Pair
Absently present, right now
Lonely raindrops, fall.

P.S : Inspired by the photos on this site


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The Ghost

Manish and I smiled at each other as we looked through the paper, Could this be the one?  It was 12:15 am, the air was warm but our hands were cold and our hearts were racing. We handed the scrawny looking man our money, and headed home.   I feel my chest, making sure the paper was still there under the shirt.  It cost me and my eight friends quite a sum of money- the question paper for the next day’s examinations.  We had to make sure we passed with at least 98% marks so that we could get into a professional college paying a minimum donation.  

The previous evening all of us met at the cafeteria near our college to pool our money. There was a cemetery close to the printing press where the question papers for the exams are scheduled to be printed.   None of us were really thrilled at the idea of waiting at the cemetery for a rendezvous with our “question paper Man”.   So we drew two names from a lot, and I was one of them.  We’ve heard many stories of ghosts that have been sighted within the cemetery walls and the road close by.  We’ve never seen one but it was unnerving to be so close to the cemetery late at night. To top it all, this is the first time we were doing something illegal. If the cops catch us, our life as we know it, is over. If we don’t get above 98%, we will be disappointing our parents and family, which in turn will riddle us with guilt for the rest of our lives.  Our fear of not living up to our family’s expectations far outweighed the fear of cops or ghosts. 

In the euphoria of having an ace up our sleeve for the next days exams, we were each lost in our own thoughts of how great a day tomorrow, hmm, today would be.  We had about 25 minutes of walking through the path between the graves, when suddenly my friend stopped walking and said “Did you hear that?” I stopped about two paces from him and said “what?” He said, “Nothing, It stopped”. I figured he was playing a prank on me, so I started to walk and he followed.  That’s when I heard the “ching, ching, ching” go in sync with my footsteps.  I stopped, Manish stopped and so did the “ching”. I looked at him and he stared back, we simultaneously checked our pockets for keys.  No, not keys, no change either. We were 18 and we were so not willing to submit to fear, I say “Hmm. guess we are imagining it.” He plays along “Yeah, I guess”. So we start walking and the “ching, ching, ching” gets louder and closer, like its almost right behind us. We also smell a whiff of the nightqueen.   Our fear started to take over, we stopped and looked at each other with eyes in pure terror, and yelled “RUN!!!”

We flew to my house which was the closest, got inside, shut the door, and were totally breathless.  We turn out the lights and look out the window. At a distance we see a beautiful,  pale woman walking in a streaming white sari under the moonlight.  For a moment neither of us spoke and then Manish whispered “Bhoothni(female ghost)”.    Wordlessly we made a pact to not mention this episode to anyone, and went about our day like nothing had happened.  For many nights after the event, I would wake up in a sweat.

To this day, when the two of us meet, we still wonder what we saw on that day. We are almost double the age we were then, but even now, talking of this event brings goose bumps.  Our wives know about it, but they think we just made this up to frighten them. We wonder if we really saw that lady in white.  We’ve had many discussions about what we really see in life. Logically we can only see what our eyes see, but we did see something that day that we instinctively know defies logic. Could fear change our vision of reality? Could two people have the same imagination?  Could we have dreamed the same dream on the same night? Could we dream while we are awake?  If it was a dream, how did we manage to dream while walking home. Our lives are filled with uncertainties, there are always questions that cant be answered and events that escape our understanding. Perhaps, I need to go with the flow, cause in the not knowing, I felt humility. After all we can never Know everything but we can always live with grace, no matter what happens.

P.S. This was a story I wrote on another site in 2006.


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I Write

When the muse says “Now, Write”

I sit Upright

Paper slanted trite

Holding my pen slight.


The pen etches

Making sketches

While my brain switches,

Left, right,

Up, down,

The Mind’s Wimbledon

Left, thought

Right(Write), word

Left, air

Leave, ink.

Then volley

And Score.


Now you all see

What the game has come to be.

This was written for APED (A Prompt Each Day) #43


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Wishes of Fishes

If there was a way to wish
For the line to find fish
These would be my wishes of fishes –
Kindness, in thought, word and deed
Smiles, that helps the soul feed.
More giving, than taking
More pulling together, than forsaking
Listening more, than speaking
Accepting more, than critiquing
Recognizing, strength is both-
Soft and hard
Degrading these virtues
Leaves us a pile of shard.
We’d all have enough joy
And a Life we enjoy


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