A Person’s a Person.

Another shooting,
Another killing, the news said-
Another Black person,
Shot by a White person.

 I, the Brown person,
Wonder Why?

I stand where the White is,
To see, what they see,
In the ocean of hurt
I see people like me.

I stand where the Black is,
To see, what they see
Sense their fear rise
Nervous trigger finger, tremor.

I wish for a seer,
Though, I see its clear
I don’t want them hurt,
No matter, who they are,

But, you cant heal people,
No matter how you feel,
As Hurts don’t heal,
When Fear is near
And Fears, don’t heal
When Wounds are deep.

I wish for a day
Sometime soon
When courage overtakes fear
And love heals all wounds.
I hope everyone remembers,
With apologies to Dr. Suess –
“A person’s a Person,
No matter what colour they are.”


Rules of Love

Look into my eye
And Please, don’t lie,
If you want to see
The “I” that I am.

Look into my eye
As you talk
Listen deeply
For my soul’s response.

Pay attention,
Give of your time,
To all that I am,
That is the path,
To my soul’s love.

If you looked
Through your soul’s eye
You would find
A keyhole,
Know, there is a Key.

Stay, when the going gets though,
I am not easy nor am I a whore
But, stay long enough,
You might get the key,
To enter my home.

And, if and when you do
Please always remember
To Knock and
Ask Permission
Before you enter,
Even if you have the keys,
Know, to kneel and to please.

Cause no matter
What your right,
My soul and home,
Is always, my right,
Before yours.

Ode To My Enemy — The Next Page

This poem by my friend Terraburrah, was just too good to not share. I believe that no matter who we meet, we will learn. We either learn what we should do OR shouldn’t do. We learn of our strengths and our weakness. We learn to strengthen or accept  our weakness. We learn to be humble in our Strength cause we know thats not All that we are.

Whenever I overcome my greatest obstacles When my world turns upside down I think of you When you chased me through the halls And pushed my back against the walls My legs got stronger And my back became erect When you shouted in my ears That I would never survive My ears became desensitized And […]

via Ode To My Enemy — The Next Page

Old Age

You were annoyed, I looked at you,

But, I wish you would see what I see.

You have aged, I will not deny that

But, I know what you were capable of

Your chin-up disposition,

Never defeated, no matter the fall.

Your knees are swollen but, I know your feet

That never gave up,

I have watched them dig in,

I watched them stand up in tiredness

I have in the same moment, felt

Sighs of sadness and Awed in joy

Of your spirit.

So what if,

The light doesn’t reach your eyes, as it did before,

Or my voice raised a decibel, so you will hear me,

So what if,

You lean on me for a while,

Or rest your weary memories in stories

I am here, just as you were there

When I wasn’t as Tall as I feel Now.

Just Know, some part of me

Sees as you were Then,

And loves, whatever you are Now

As I did Then.

In spite of the hurt and the pain

Some things don’t change,

With the sands that spill the Time.

Tough to Survive

Ria is here after 10 long years. A lot has changed in her absence. She watched her 6 year old niece climb the sofa and use it like a trampoline. A grandchild always had this freedom in their grand-parent’s home. A freedom that was never granted to Ria as a daughter. She remembered the time when she was caned by her father for climbing on the sofa at a relative’s home. “How times have changed.” She thought and wondered if her displeasure at this sight stemmed from jealousy. “Oh! Grow up!! It’s just a kid jumping on the sofa. Let it go” she chided herself.

She listened to her father narrate the various antics of the little niece. “She is growing up to be a tough Girl. She is really bold. She even knocked down a boy in her class for not letting her sit on the chair. She’s strong enough to survive this environment.” said the grand-father. To Ria, all of what he said looked like a lack of-discipline, boundaries and respect for authority. She held her peace as she watched her brother and sister-in-law look on with pride. She wanted to intervene to stop the child but she knew she didn’t have the right. You lose out on rights that you had as part of the family, when you get married and move away to a different part of the world. You can not feel entitled to intervene, offer advice, say your thoughts, when you are absent from their everyday lives. She sat there with an inane smile. Her tongue neatly folded and pressed behind teeth.  Teeth, akin to Cerberus, guarding an errant tongue with the threat of a vicious bite should it misbehave.

The topic moved on as she listened to the general situation of people in the country. Talking of a situation when they had to get a transfer of title done “There is so much corruption. The BOLD officials accept bribes in full view of policemen. The police get a share. There is no dignity of labour or integrity. They dont do the job cause they are paid salaries but for the extra via bribes. It is the Age of Kali, truly” said the father sagely. The brother and SIL agree with a nod.

Ria smiled inwardly, “I guess, the officials parents  are happy to know their wards are Surviving well in this Environment, given they are BOLD enough.”